Marie-Christine Durrieu – PhD

Chief Scientific Officer 

After a Master 2 in Polymer Chemistry, Marie-Christine Durrieu obtained the PhD in Biological and Medical Sciences in the University of Bordeaux (France). This PhD was carried out within CEA Saclay (Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique, Paris, France) and BioTis INSERM laboratory in France expert in biomaterials and tissue engineering. In 1999, she joined BioTis laboratory as a INSERM (French Institute of Health and Medical Research) researcher of the Biomaterial/Tissue engineering Program.

Today, Marie-Christine Durrieu works as INSERM Research Director within the Institute of Chemistry & Biology of Membranes & Nanoobjects (CBMN, Bordeaux University, France) and has been active in many biomaterial engineering fields. She is a member of the CBMN steering committee. She co-led the Chemical Biology & Supramolecular Chemistry (CBSC) team (which binds 5 research groups) that emphasizes chemical science at the interface of chemistry, biology and materials science. She also coordinates the 3BIO’s Research group “BIOactive surfaces, BIOmaterials, BIOmimetic engineered surfaces” in this team. The group synthesizes bioactive surfaces to favor membrane adhesion (cells, microvesicles,…) for biological engineering (biomaterials, tissue engineering, drug delivery, diagnosis, …).

Since 2000, Dr. Durrieu’s teaching duties led her to supervise 14 Master 1 students, 8 Master 2, 22 PhDs (including 12 PhDs in cotutelle with various countries (Canada (Waterloo University, Sherbrooke University, Laval University), Belgium (Liège and Louvain-la-Neuve Universities), Luxembourg, Portugal (Lisbon University), 4 PhDs in progress of which two are in cotutelle), 21 post-doctorates.

Dr. Durrieu has given lectures and presentations in 273 international congresses. MC Durrieu has published 131 international scientific publications and holds 6 international patents (2006, 2013, 2014, 2019 with 2 license contracts). Dr. Durrieu’s many contracts include 11 industrial contracts as a coordinator. MC Durrieu co-led 2 European projects (Call H2020-MSCA-ITN 2014 in which she coordinated a cluster entitled “bone tissue engineering” in collaboration with 3 companies and FP7 Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate IDS FunMat (FPA 2010-0004) in which she coordinated the axis “biomaterials”). She was also involved in 56 public contracts of which 26 have been coordinated by her. The functionalization of materials to induce cell membrane adhesion and cell differentiation is the key of her projects.

Dr Durrieu co-led the International Doctoral School in Functional Materials ( between 2010 and 2019 (joint PhDs carried out between universities from two countries in collaboration with an industry partner). There were 103 PhD students from 31 nationalities.